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Year 6 - Davis

Year 6

Year 6 - Davis 

Welcome to Year 6 Davis Class! 

Davis Class is led by Mrs Paton, supported by Miss Sogno-Manners and Miss Horner. 

Year 6 certainly is an exciting year! As role models for the rest of the school, we have high expectations of exceptional attitudes to learning, ambitious aspirations and integrity. We work together to ensure everyone makes excellent progress across the curriculum, sparking curiosity and a love of learning. Whilst we celebrate each other’s success, we also support each other to overcome challenges. In particular, we enjoy the inspiring opportunities School Journey, sporting events and our end of year production bring.

Year 6 Davis Meet the Teacher: Click the image below to watch our YouTube video.


Remote Learning Timetable



Year 6 Curriculum Overview.pdf


Autumn Term

'We Are Historians' Learning Journey: WWII.pdf

'We Are Historians' Knowledge Organiser: WW2.pdf

Science Knowledge Organiser: Animals including humans.pdf

Science Knowledge Organiser: Light.pdf


Spring Term

'We are Geographers' Learning Journey Spring 1

'We are Geographers' Learning Journey Spring 2

'We are Geographers' Learning Journey Spring 1

Science Knowledge Organiser: Living Things and Their Habitats.pdf


 Summer Term

'We are Innovators' Learning Journey 

'We are Innovators' Knowledge Organiser

Science Learning Journey: Evolution and Inheritance 

Science Knowledge Organiser:  Evolution and Inheritance