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Year 5 - Wiley

Year 5

Year 5 - Wiley

Welcome to Year 5 Wiley Class!

Wiley Class is led by Mrs Afzal, supported by Ms Koci and Mr Thomas . We are delighted to welcome you to our classroom.

Our priority is to ensure that all the children receive an excellent education in a nurturing environment that encourages our pupils to make every moment count! 

Thank you for all your continued support, it is greatly appreciated.


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Y5 Timetable


Curriculum Overview 

Y5 Curriculum Overview


Autumn Term

Y5 'We are Historians' Knowledge Organiser:  Eureka!  Ancient Greece

Y5 'We are Historians' Knowledge Organiser:  Traders or Raider

Y5  Science Knowledge Organiser:  Properties and Changes of Materials

Y5  Science Knowledge Organiser: Forces


Spring Term 

Y5  'We are Geographers' Knowledge Organiser: 

Y5  Science Knowledge Organiser: