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Physical Education


PE and Sport

PE at Broadwater Primary School

We believe in giving all pupils, irrespective of their academic or physical ability, the opportunity to discover and develop their physical potential through a balanced and developmental programme of activities including invasion games, net and wall games, striking and fielding games, athletics, gymnastics, dance and swimming. 
Physical Education is a vital component in the development of children’s physical and emotional health and well being.  This includes qualities such as enjoyment, tolerance, co-operation, teamwork and the development of specific expertise. 

Fundamentally, we have the understanding that fun, challenging and safe activity will help our children develop the enthusiasm and love for sport/physical activity that will keep them engaged for a lifetime. Subsequently, our children will have the tools to lead healthy and fulfilling lives through their childhood into adulthood.

Extracurricular Activities
Children gain a lot from extra-curricular activities from broadening their skill set to increasing their confidence.  At Broadwater, we are proud of the many opportunities are children are given to participate in extra-curricular clubs.    Please look at the list below and book via school gateway.  

In addition to self-selected clubs, each class also participates in a lunchtime sports club for the minimum of half a term each year and are taught a mixture of sports  decided through pupil.  
PE Kit
We expect all pupils to bring PE kit that is separate from their uniform. Children should bring kit everyday to ensure they are prepared for any changes in the PE or swimming timetable. Alternatively, they can leave their PE/swimming kit in school for the week and wash at the weekend. Getting changed is an independent skill that children need to develop. In PE, we explain why it is unhygienic to wear the same clothes you have worked up a sweat in. We also explain how sweat is created by the body to cool it down when it is heated up during exercise. Then, if these clothes are kept on, the wetness will make them cold once they stop exercising. Children should also bring a water bottle for PE and swimming lessons to rehydrate.

We recommend that children bring PE kit that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors to all PE lessons. PE kit for outdoors:
 Tracksuit top/jumper (Black)

Tracksuit bottoms (Black)

T-Shirt (White) or Broadwater purple t-shirt with  logo

Sports socks

PE kit for indoors

 Sports shorts (Black) (not denim or any other material that is not flexible)

 T-Shirt (White)

Sports socks

We would recommend a pair of running shoes/AstroTurf boots as they would provide suitable support for all activities.

For dance and gymnastics children take their shoes and socks off. If there is a valid medical reason for children not to do so, please provide a note and plimsolls.

Please encourage children to take responsibility for packing their PE bag ready for school as this is a skill they need to develop with your support.
No leggings unless black shorts are worn over them. This is to protect children's modesty as some leggings have a tendency to be see through.  
No canvas style trainers as they provide no support for the ankles and can lead to ankle injuries. 
Example PE Kit (please ask Mr Rochford if you are unsure)

Indoor or hot weather kit (black sports shorts, white T-shirt or purple t-shirt with Broadwater logo)

Indoor Footwear (plimsolls/running shoes/Astroturf boots)

Outdoor (Black tracksuit/black leggings with black shorts and white t-shirt or purple t-shirt with Broadwater logo)

Outdoor Footwear (running shoes/Astroturf boots)

Swimming Kit
Swimming costume, trunks or shorts

Goggles, swimming hat and towel

Swimming bag


Injury or Illness

PE and swimming are part of the school curriculum, therefore if children are in school, they should participate. If there is a valid medical reason for non-participation, a medical note from the GP should be provided. If a child is suffering with an injury please provide a note and the lesson can be adapted for them so they are still participating in some way, whether it is by reducing the physical input or giving them a leadership role in the lesson. Swimming is great for rehabilitation of injuries so we would advise the children to still enter the pool if possible but they can be given a different program if you let us know the nature of the injury.