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 Our aim is for all children to be able to access education every day that the school is open and when they are well enough to do so.  We aim to encourage and promote a positive attitude to attendance so that children are well supported in achieving their very best and being the  best that they can be.

Every Monday we have an assembly that has an attendance focus.  Each week the class with best attendance for the previous week is given an award to keep for the week.  KS1/Reception can look after the Attendance Teddy and KS2 can look after the Attendance Trophy.

We also give awards and prizes for good attendance at the end of each half term (for children achieving 100% attendance) and at the end of each term (for children achieving over 95% attendance).

Reporting absence

  • Absences should be reported to the school office, preferably on a daily basis unless another arrangement has been made with the attendance officer.
  • School staff are not obliged to accept a parent/carer’s explanation for absence, whether written; telephoned or in person if they doubt the explanation. 
  • If a child is reluctant to attend school, parents/carers are expected to make contact with the school in a timely fashion in order to work with staff with a view to resolving the problem together.

Extended Leave During Term Time

Extended absence from school (whatever the reason) can adversely affect a child’s ability to benefit fully from their educational opportunities and to keep up with their programme of study. 

No parents/carers can demand leave of absence for their child/children as a right.  The school holiday dates are published a year in advance and family holidays should be restricted to these dates.    The amendments to the 2006 Education Regulations make clear that Head Teachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.  If exceptional circumstances do force parents to consider a pupil’s absence during term time, an ‘Absence During Term Time Request Form’ must be completed and returned to the Attendance Officer.  Apart from in exceptional circumstances leave of absence for pupils during term time will not be authorised.  

Exceptional circumstances are determined at the Head teacher/Attendance Officer’s discretion and each case will be considered on an individual basis taking the following into account:

  • The reason for absence;
  • The child’s record of attendance;
  • The proposed length of the absence; 
  • The dates of the proposed absence, ensuring that it would not prevent the child from missing any important examinations/ assessments.

 Leave of absence will not be considered during the following periods or circumstances:

  • During the SATs period
  • During the Spring term, prior to the SATs period
  • Where a pupil’s attendance has fallen below 92%
  • Where there has already been previous leave during term time or excessive amounts of ‘other’ absence.

Penalty Notices (fines) 

  • Parents/carers will be referred for penalty notices for any absence over five days taken as unauthorised leave or where there is accumulated unauthorised absence.  In exceptional cases, unauthorised periods of absence for less than five days may also incur a penalty notice.  The initial penalty notices are fines of £60 per child per parent/carer
  • Recent amendments to the 2006 Regulations will reduce the timescales for paying a penalty notice.  If referred, parents must pay £60 (per parent, per child) within 21 days or £120 within 28 days.